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Blood Bowl - Dwarfs

The Dwarf Giants are an old team with a very long and distinguished history. They were one of the original Blood Bowl sects, and have been present for every major development in the game’s history.

I hate Dwarfs!!! Simply put...

The reason? Played only once against them, but my team was reduced to 3 men standing! AV of 10 and block, tackle and thick skull on almost all of them?!?!?

Dwarfs are a CANCER of Blood Bowl!!! Rant over! 🙂

Anyways... I wasn't going to buy this team, but there was that deal online. Some fella was selling them on "buy two get three at discounted price" kinda arrangement... a nice second hand deal I could resist, especially when I had a PLAN! A plan to paint them quick and easy... and hopefully nice...

My plan was to make them look like they playing in a coal or gold mine, with limited amount of light. So I had a go at a bit of OSL


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