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Blood Bowl Khorne by Torchlight

Want a team that can both mutilate your opponent with ease, and score a good touchdown? This Blood Bowl Khorne by Torchlight have plenty of brawn and just enough brain to make it happen.

Blood Bowl Khorne by Torchlight

This one was done for my own collection of Blood Bowl teams, using models and 3D printed from the works of Torchlight Models on Patreon.

I've used Army Painter's speedpaints for the first time in this project to lay down base colours. Then oil washed it, which wasn't really necessary because I've lost a bit of the speedpaints effect. After that I slowly build up the contrast by edge highlighting, layering and glazing the armour and other areas most visible to the eyes. After all this was done to my own TabletopPlus standard.

Overall I'm quite happy to have them finished. The only regret is - bases. I should of, made them green to contrast better with red and yellows on the models.

Involved in this paintjob:
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