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Blood Bowl - Underworld Denizen

Underworld Denizens teams are a mixed race team combining Chaotic Goblins and Skaven and now in 2020, Snotlings, which makes for an interesting line up.

Underworld Denizens - a very mixed race team, full of flavours and character...

Bought this team second hand, already kitbashed with goblins having different heads and extra snotlings... On top of that I've commissioned to print a Rat Ogre big guy and a rat superstar Hakflem SkuttleSpike proxy from Punga miniatures. I've decided to go with the grey, stoney bases and a red and yellow color scheme for these, although the red came out a tiny bit too dark for my liking...

On the upside... I totally love Wendy! She's a team mascot and a valuable player. She is a troll big guy who can toss a goblin into opponents cage! And she look so lovely with the makeup and those lovely eyebrows!

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