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Blood Bowl - Punga Plague Carnival

Do you hear that? The trampling, shaking the earth and the gloomy ringing of plague bells? 🔔 Yes, they are coming... The Big Guy, the Rotspawn, The Nurgle Beast and the rest of Punga Plague Carnival, surrounded by their faithful companions and cute plaguelings!

What can I say! Me love some Nurgle, and this time it's with models from Punga Plague Carnival!

I am guilty again! I did the another Nurgle Blood Bowl team! This time I have sinned with 3D resin printed models from Punga Plague Carnival released in September 2021 on Patreon. And what beautiful models these are!

With this project I wanted to make them look colorfull and bright. Even did some housework and researched real NFL teams to find good colour schemes for this project. Upon much consideration (ykhm, ok not really ;)) decided to go with Ravens purple, yellow and white scheme, because I think, I have a quite good yellow recipe, yellow goes nicely with purple and lastly, I very rarely in my painting journeys, have had a chance to paint purple!

So here they are! Have a look and judge yourselves if I did give them justice!

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