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Blood Bowl - Imperial Nobility

Imperial Nobility teams have been springing up out of the woodwork of late, the seemingly bottomless coffers of their patrons hiring top talent, providing the finest equipment and training facilities, and supporting their teams through extensive advertising campaigns.

The The Bögenhafen Barons are the second team from Blood Bowl 2020 Second Season box

At first I have had mixed feelings about this lot. I didn't like the feathers at all! Even considered chopping them down at some stage (I've seen people done it with great results) but slowly, they kinda grew on me.

So when the time came to paint them I left the feathers on...

And surprisingly those feathers weren't my biggest challenge on this team. Just done 'em with an airbrush. First white, then other darker colours... Easy! With only one little hiccup. I've used a wash, which I've made myself... and it came out too thin, and looked grainy and blotchy... Which had to be re-applied but with thicker version of it...

But the biggest challenge were the socks! I could cut the corner and just paint them in one colour but I was challenged by a gaming buddy of mine! So yeah, I've painted them socks stripe after stripe! Very painful stripe, after stripe... after stripe....

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