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Painting miniatures... It started few years ago as a hobby and still goes strong. Can't remember exactly what drove me to buy my first set of Army Painter paints, but let's just assume that - nobody wants to play with grey and colourless miniatures! Over the years I have painted few armies, bands and factions, and this miniature painting blog is where I share it's spoils!

Wojtek - Pimp My Minis - Miniature Painting Blog

Welcome to my Miniature Painting Blog.

I have been painting for about 5 years now. It has always been my big drive in the hobby and at some point I have started painting for friends and other people.

During that time I have worked on several projects which have been successful and I always have good feedback from clients.

I always paint to the best of my ability and can accommodate any specific requests that you may have for a miniature.

There is a lot of things to decide before starting a new project. This is why I prefer people to contact me via contact form on this website or social media messengers and we will have a little talk before taking hands on the brushes.

Please have a look at my work in the portfolio section of this miniature painting blog.

Let's talk:

My workshop


I own a large-ish set of Vallejo and Army Painter paints and some Citadel washes, along with a Winsor and Newton set of oil paints for painting and making oil washes. I also use glaze mediums, flow improvers, thinners, paint retarders etc.



Two air-gunz rule in my shop. Harder & Steenbeck Evolution for precision work and a cheap Chinese knock off for bulk priming and varnishing.

For working with airbrush I have nice, compact and folding spray booth with ventilation pipe that goes outside the window.



Photon Mono is a nice, little 2K printer, that I print loads of cool stuff. The other gear is pretty standard....

Army Painter wet palette, dry pigments, effect paints. All sorts of organic and plastic basing materials like tufts, sand, pine peelings or stones. Satin and matt varnishes to protect the paint jobs from any wear and tear or beer and pretzel, sausage fingers.



Who wants to play with grey plastic? Let's get 'em painted! Send me an email or chat via the below options


Spread the word good people. Tell you gaming buddy or share the intel within you gaming circle.
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