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Blood Bowl - Nurgle Rotters

The Nurgle Rotters rose to fame long ago, having the distinction of being one of the earliest Chaos teams on the circuit to dedicate themselves to a single Chaos god – Grandfather Nurgle himself.

Ooooohhhh AGAIN! Me love some of them rotten, deacying Nurgle filths!

When I saw the artwork and models for the Nurgle Rotters team I instantly fell in love with them. Straight away I thought this is going to be a team for me, even without knowing, what and how the do, what they supposed to do! The love for the Nurgle is so strong I decided to double up on the Pestigors - I had to have all four of these little, lovely, hornsy dudes !

Painting them was a pure pleasure! Nurgle Rotters models have a vast areas of flesh with easy access making them a joy to paint.

I've done my usual process. An airbrush priming and pre-shade, followed with transparent inks and glazes. Oil washes worked like a charm here. Due to the organic nature of the models I was able to wet blend them seamlessly on the go.  After that I've applied an oil highlight of white colour - which blended nicely with the remains of washes left on the models.

The rest was just acrylic highlights, to add texture and definition to the most prominent areas. Decals, mud splatter and bases made of PVA glue and sand.

Oh and the Rotspawn is 3D printed proxy with base kitbashed from bits to stage dead opposition players not being able to run away from it's hideous (lovely :)) tentacles.

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