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Space Marines: Primaris Infiltrators

Clad in Mk X Phobos-pattern armour, the light and fast-moving Space Marines - Primaris Infiltrators are responsible for disrupting enemy communications and sabotaging targets of opportunity. The first the enemy sees is a cascade of choking smog as the Infiltrators hurl a barrage of smoke grenades, masking their advance.

My first ever attempt on painting Space Marines.

As I'm fairly new to the world of Warhammer40K, started with Kill Team 2021, and this was my first set of Space Marines to paint. I've decided to go for a 10 model box, so I could do them in two different colour schemes. Also I wanted to have two fairly similar teams to play. Space Marines are very good starting point for someone who is new to the WH40K and Kill Team. They easy to manage, don't have too many abilities and ploys and as a beginner you can focus on learning the system and core rules on easy mode and without being overwhelmed by extra rules and full complexity of the game.

First to go on the painting table were the blues, which I aimed to be the Ultramarines, but somewhere, laying the base colours and building zenithal highlights I went tad too heavy on the trigger with light blue. Hey, mistakes happen, these steel tinker boys are for me, so I don't care. They still look good! I can play them as Inflitrators and Reivers - despite small cock ups, when assembling their gear.

Second to paint where Incursors. At first I was tempted to give them the camouflage look, but then I looked at my "pile of shame" and decided against it ;). There is too much of a backlog to mock about with patterns and shite... Still, as usual, I didn't cut corners on these. What I cut though, with my hobby knife, was even before priming - marks, grooves, chips and bullet holes in the armour. Let's call it "pre-priming-weathering" technique. It's definitely something I will build on and incorporate in future projects as the results are quite nice. Apart form the usual process I've tried a little and quick NMM on knives and shoulder pad rims. Gave those lenses spots of light reflection and my favourite - nitty, gritty all round weathering.

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