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Station Forge Grim Guard models

Meet the Veteran Guardsmen - 3D printed models from Station Forge Grim Guard digital sculpts.

My second go at painting Krieg's - Veteran Guardsmen for Kill Team, this time using Station Forge Grim Guard models

This time I have a full on roster of Veteran Guardsmen - no proxies, no rubber bands (except for marking the equipment LOL).

It was a good fun to paint them... until it wasn't.

I used my tested technique - these days people call it Slap Chop, I might call it Slap Chop, Until You Drop. Because I've added washes, glazes, highlights, details, OSL's and weathering after the initial zenithal and drybrush step! Because all that was done by batch painting approach they were growing tedious on me towards the end!

The razor-wire looks "dogs cohones" in my opinion. I love it! It's from Army Painter and you get 40metres of it for crazy little money!

Due to the fact, it was too late in the night to fire up the airbrush, all the OSL was done using good old brush (little drybrush with white to start and after standard glazing/glayering) method. It came out great too!

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