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Imperial Knight - The Stormwalker

Lady Kalena Maxus "The Stormwalker" Imperial Knight. A Warhammer 40K painted miniature.

This was my first attempt at painting an Imperial Knight.

Oh boy! Painting this Imperial Knight was very fun, demanding and also a time consuming project.

For starters.... There is a lot of square "yardage" (meterage?) on this beast. Then, the amount of details, then the fact that I had to paint as a whole. I got it all put together - it was a second hand, OLX/Ebay rescue purchase.

I've used all I known to myself techniques during this project. Preshade, drybrushing, sponge chipping, oils, dry pigments, OSL you name it! Decided to go with TMM on the trims and the lighting effects are a cheated freehand. I've redrawn these on my computer from clients photo, cut them out in vinyl as stencils. It does the trick even if you don't have super steady hands! 😉

The base was pre-made, I've added few bits and bobs to it. Mainly skulls, stones and some death guard bits scarcely laying here and there.

And here it is!


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