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Kill Team Octarius - Veteran Guardsmen

Meet the Veteran Guardsmen, Hard-boiled Heroes Who Can Swap Manpower for Artillery Strikes...

I’ve already posted a full on gallery of my Ork Kommandos who make up the opposite half of the Kill Team: Octarius boxed set, and now it’s time to meet the Veteran Guardsmen facing off against them.

Meet the Veteran Guardsmen, a force that take up to 14 models on the battlefield to fight for those crucial Victory Points. Aesthetically this one of my favorite factions in Kill Team so far, and like with the Ork Kommandos - painting these hard boiled, ready to die little soldiers was super fun!

Unfortunately the mistakes were made...  I've made a rookie mistake with setting up my roster. Shouldn't really be making a flamer gunner instead of plasma gunner and while I was printing the bodies for extra troopers somehow I've managed to print two less then it was required! But I do have an extra, spare flamer guy! LOL...

Good thing about 3D printing is that, there is still enough bodies to field 14 models on this team - I just have to use the good old Blood Bowl rubber band setup to mark extra, ancillary support troopers!

Anyways, I hope you will enjoy the photos I've taken of these little bad boys...

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