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The Godfather painted miniatures

Sending your goons to shakedown businesses, taking over neighborhoods, and bribing city officials to do your bidding. It’s all in a day’s work, when you’re hoping to lead your crime family to control New York City. In The Godfather: Corleone’s Empire, you’ll compete with other mobsters who have the same goal as you: replacing Don Corleone as the top dog in the city. Defend your turf, and never be afraid to send your opponents a powerful message. Only the strong will survive - and these are with The godfather painted miniatures!

It’s not just business, it’s family...

Just another victim of batch - speedpainting commission job. Process involved - zenithal preshade, transparent paints, oil wash and some quick highlights.


ps. the horse in the movie was black, which I didn't know. Sorry!

Involved in this paintjob:
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