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Sword & Sorcery - Immortal Souls

Sword & Sorcery is an epic-fantasy cooperative board game. This one was a paintjob I've done for myself as I love dungeon crawlers with a bit of a story thrown in...

It was meant to be the greatest dungeon crawler of all times...

Sword & Sorcery - Immortal Souls was meant to be the big daddy of them all. Beautiful artwork, okay models, not so simple, with loads of rules - hence the depth of gameplay. Unfortunately it didn't live up to it's name! I've started painting this lot meanwhile playing in core box which unfortunately was disappointing enough to sell it. Too much admin, very little story! Soo much little and fiddly bits to keep the track off.

So I have sold it, along with the expansion box to a fella in Germany, who will enjoy the pieces more than my shelf.

I have done my usual process here. Started with zenithal priming with an airbrush, then laid down, where ever I could base colours with an airbrush and normal brush. After base colours all minis got a wash thrown over them and extra details and highlights...

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