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Daughters of Khaine

They crave battle and seek power through bloodshed, honoring their deity with every kill. Even their closest allies shudder to witness the gory rituals that renew and reinvigorate these graceful murderers. They are the Daughters of Khaine, and to cross blades with them is to invite death.

Daughters of Khaine painted for a gaming buddy of mine from the local community.

Daughters of Khaine aka Crazy, murderous Vaginas! That's what I call 'em. 😉

It was a fun batch/army painting project for me. I had a good opportunity to check out that slap-chop method here - if I'm any good at it ;).

The plan was to paint it as quickly as possible, without compromising the quality. We were going for a decent tabletop finish. So I mostly used Army Painter SpeedPaints and I'm very pleased with the end result.

I've spent a little more time on some of the characters and especially the Avatar of Khaine. He was a very easy and super fun character to paint. With easy-to-reach blades, it was a joy to wet blend some funky colours.

If you like the minis, you can have a look at my other commissions, check the prices and feel free to give me a shout and ask for a commission!

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