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Battletech support units

Battletech support units from Iron Wind Metals

Battletech ground and air support vechicles

In BattleTech, support units are specialized vehicles and infantry that provide various forms of support and assistance to the main combat units on the battlefield. They play crucial roles in enhancing the effectiveness and survivability of a BattleTech force. Here are descriptions of some common types of support units:

  1. Combat Engineers: Combat engineers are specialized infantry units equipped with tools and equipment to construct or destroy battlefield obstacles. They can quickly build defensive structures, bridges, and temporary fortifications to aid in defensive operations. Combat engineers also possess the expertise to dismantle or disable enemy fortifications and minefields.
  2. Recovery Vehicles: Recovery vehicles are heavily armored units designed to retrieve and salvage damaged or disabled BattleMechs and other combat units from the battlefield. Equipped with powerful winches, cranes, and repair facilities, these vehicles can recover and repair damaged mechs in the field, allowing them to rejoin the fight.
  3. Aerospace Fighters: Aerospace fighters are small, nimble spacecraft that provide air support and engage in dogfights in the atmosphere and space. They can perform ground attack missions, intercept enemy aerospace units, provide reconnaissance, and conduct bombing runs. Aerospace fighters are a vital asset for providing air superiority and protecting friendly units from enemy air attacks.
  4. Field Artillery: Field artillery units consist of long-range, indirect fire weapons such as howitzers and missile launchers. These units provide fire support from a distance, raining down devastating artillery strikes on enemy positions. Field artillery units are effective in softening up enemy defenses, destroying fortifications, and suppressing enemy units, paving the way for friendly forces to advance.
  5. Medical Units: Medical units, often referred to as field medics or field hospitals, provide medical support to wounded soldiers on the battlefield. They are equipped with advanced medical equipment, supplies, and personnel trained in field triage and emergency medical procedures. Medical units can stabilize injured soldiers, perform surgery, and provide immediate medical care to ensure wounded combatants have the best chance of survival.
  6. Electronic Warfare Vehicles: Electronic warfare vehicles specialize in disrupting enemy communications, sensors, and targeting systems. They deploy electronic countermeasures (ECM) and jamming equipment to degrade enemy sensors and communication networks. By disrupting the enemy's ability to coordinate and target accurately, electronic warfare units provide a significant advantage to friendly forces.
  7. Scout Vehicles: Scout vehicles are fast, lightly armored units designed for reconnaissance and intelligence gathering. They are equipped with advanced sensors, communication equipment, and often have stealth capabilities. Scout units excel at infiltrating enemy lines, gathering information on enemy movements, and relaying critical intelligence to command.

These support units work in tandem with the main combat units, providing essential services and advantages on the battlefield. Their specialized capabilities enhance the overall effectiveness and versatility of a BattleTech force, allowing them to adapt to various mission scenarios and overcome challenges.

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